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Melissa M. Rosario


Melissa is an Executive Leader and Self Mastery Coach purpose driven in support of Entrepreneurs, Business owners and Founders who are on a mission to build their dreams and reach their full potential. 

Utilizing 2 decades of experience with an extensive background in business strategy, project management, process improvement, leadership development and team building using key communication methodologies to execute results while coaching clients as business leaders.

Through a specific code of ethics and respect, when you “Consult MMR” you will be supported through specific business values: Client Empathy, Solutions to Results and Prioritization to Execution, which ensures clients’ business scale to the next level. 

Client Empathy. Listen to what you say. To possess empathy, she leads by listening to understand your concerns and your vision. The journey of a business owner is challenging and requires support and consideration. 

Solutions to Results. A solution-based approach is her superpower. Conducting business audits of discovery, she is always looking for the answers to a client's challenges. 

Prioritization and Execution. Everything is a priority in the world of business. She utilizes an organized tactic to drive real business outcomes and then build effective processes to scale.

No matter the size of your needs (big or small), Melissa is ready to connect with you. You will work together to complete and resolve your concerns to address the most complex challenges. 

Melissa M. Rosario
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